“Our role as market leader motivates us to take part in the global battle against climate change and contribute to a respectful economic development. Over the years, Schréder has continuously found new ways to improve the energy efficiency of its products and in more recent years developed smart city solutions to help cities become more connected and more resilient in the era of data. We help communities face their biggest challenges, making the world more sustainable.”

Werner de Wolf
CEO - Schréder

Together for our Future

Sustainability has been a topic close to the heart of the Schréder family shareholders for generations and featured strongly in our company’s mission statement. In 2019, we formalised this commitment by conducting our first materiality assessment.

Materiality is the principle of defining the social and environmental topics that matter most to our business and our stakeholders. Based on our operations and business, with the support of external experts, we consulted a range of stakeholders to identify existing and potential actions based around the UN Sustainable Development Goals framework (SDG).

We formalised our sustainability strategy and actions under a comprehensive project called “Together for our Future”.”

This strategy is composed of 3 strategic pillars encompassing the relevant and prioritised SDGs and targets.

Download our Sustainability Report

This first sustainability report demonstrates the key role sustainable development plays in our company and the focus we place on working with our people and our communities to build a sustainable future for all. We are pleased to share the first milestones of our Together for Our Future project, knowing that they are only part of a much longer journey.

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