LED-lineaire lichtoplossing voor het creëren van veiligheid en sfeer in gesloten gebieden


ASTRAL Slim is de ideale verlichtingsoplossing voor binnen gebieden zoals trein- en metrostations, luchthavens, winkelcentra en alle andere indoor toepassingen waar de veiligheid en het welzijn van de gebruikers essentieel zijn. Dit lineaire LED armatuur is een geweldig alternatief voor TL-buizen voor continue of onderbroken verlichting. Deze state-of-the-art verlichtingsoplossing is ontworpen om operationele voordelen te bieden voor beheerders en wordt gekenmerkt door zijn hoge efficiëntie, verminderd energieverbruik, minimale onderhoudseisen en eenvoudige installatie. Dankzij de strakke en elegante behuizing draagt de ASTRAL Slim bij aan de creatie van een visueel aantrekkelijke omgeving met een uniforme verlichting met weinig schittering die een echt gevoel van veiligheid en hoog visueel comfort biedt.

Superior visual comfort

Unlike fluorescent tubes, this linear LED luminaire offers high visual comfort in places with a lot of passage, such as railway stations and metros, car parks, shopping centres, corridors and escalators, airports or even stadiums.
The diffuse protector reduces glare for an enhanced user experience.

Tool-free installation and maintenance

This linear luminaire enables an easy installation. It is mounted using click-in fixations. Both the housing and the optical units are supplied pre-cabled and equipped with quick connectors for a plug-and-play installation. Thanks to a modular design, the length of the housing, the number of optical units and the integration of spacers can be customised to perfectly suit the configuration of the environment to be lit.

Quality lighting and significant energy savings

ASTRAL Slim combines the energy efficiency of LEDs with photometric performance.
ASTRAL Slim can be supplied with optical units controlled by the DALI protocol. This continuous line luminaire is available in a stand-alone or in a master - standby configuration.
In the Stand-alone configuration, each optical unit is equipped with a driver, while in the Master-Stand-by configuration, the master optical unit - equipped with a driver - can operate the other 2 optical units that do not have a driver.

Fire-resistant materials

ASTRAL Slim is compliant with the UL94 5VA flammability standard, which governs plastic materials in the event of a fire. Retaining cables prevent the fall of the optical units from the housing in case of fire, vandalism or natural disasters such as an earthquake.

Sleek and elegant design

Thanks to its compact and aesthetic design, ASTRAL Slim contributes to the creation of a visually appealing environment with uniform, low-glare lighting that gives a real sense of safety and offers superior visual comfort to both passengers and train drivers.
The housing is a corrosion proof, anodised aluminium profile in which the optical units are embedded using tool-free click-in fixations.
Both the housing and the optical unit are delivered pre-cabled and are easily connected thanks to plug-and-play connectors.
Pre-cabling is designed to integrate additional features such as a loudspeaker, camera or DC supply.

Energy efficiency and photometric performance

Designed to provide operational benefits for site managers, this state-of-the-art LED linear lighting solution is characterised by its high efficiency, reduced energy consumption and photometric performance.
The diffuse protector minimises glare and the metal reflectors provide superior visual comfort for an enhanced user experience.


Algemene informatie

Aanbevolen installatiehoogte (m)
3.0 - 

Elektrische informatie

Nominale spanning
Power factor (bij volle belasting)
Controle protocollen


Armatuur outpux flux (lm)
1519 - 
Energieverbruik (W)
13.8 - 
Armatuur efficiëntie - tot (lm/W)

Optische informatie

LED kleur temperatuur
Kleur weergave index (CRI)

Behuizing en afwerking

Het besturingscompartiment is IP 20 of IP 44 (stand-alone configuratie)


Alle configuraties


Bedrijfstemperatuur range (Ta)
-30 °C tot +30 °C
Afhankelijk van de armatuur configuratie. Voor meer informatie kunt u contact met ons opnemen.

Afmetingen en bevestiging

Gewicht (kg | lbs)
43.0 | 94.6


Control options for ASTRAL Slim

ASTRAL Slim has the following control option:
· DALI (by default)

The ASTRAL Slim operates using the DALI protocol, which is a standardised (IEC 62386) protocol for digital communication between lighting devices enabling them to be addressed individually.
This protocol can lead to additional energy savings by adapting the lighting levels according to the real needs of the place to be lit and it can be easily integrated into building management systems.

Installatie en Onderhoud


The housing is mounted in a very straightforward manner. Drill the profile from the inside to place the fixation screws.

Optical unit

After the profile has been installed, connect the power supply to the internal wire harness. Set the optical unit in position by screwing the retaining safety cable into the indicated slot. The mains plug is then set according to the selected phase and plugged into a socket.
Afterwards, put the optical unit in place, push upwards and click into position.

Blank spacer

According to the photometrical needs and configuration of your site, the size of the blank spacers can be adapted and can be placed in between single or grouped optical units.
The optical unit, retaining cable and ground (earth) wire have to be fixed in the indicated slots. Finally, the spacer has to be placed and then pushed upwards.